Plastic Chapel…

I had to chance to participate in another vinyl show this past November, this one being at the Plastic Chapel in Denver, Colorado.  The show’s name was The Dunny Show, in which artists were asked to submit 3″ Dunnys.

Plastic Chapel Dunny Show alarment

Coming off just completing my series of Creatures and Companions, I decided I wanted my Dunnys for this show to be similar in style, but to give them a different color scheme and add to irises and pupils to these rather than the veiny blanks the others had.  I started off with a set of three since I didn’t know if I would finish them in time for the show.

Dunny group alarment plastic chapel

alarment Cesped dunny


alarment bug dunny


alarment Marsh dunny


But I finished in plenty of time, so I sculpted four more and decided to try a different take on the eyes, and decided to go with black rather than white.

Dunny group alarment plastic chapel

alarment Frost dunny


alarment flame dunny


alarment Cielo dunny


alarment earth dunny


Dunny group alarment plastic chapel

After seeing them as a group and noticing the organic/elemental feel to them, I named them Bug, Césped, Cielo, Earth, Flame, Frost, and Marsh.   Depending on if or how many sell at the show, the rest will eventually be available at my storenvy site.

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