Panda-Robot Alibi review

Some of my art (a painting, two dreamscapes, and some custom vinyl toys) are currently on display and are for sale at the store/gallery Panda-Robot here in Albuquerque.  In this week’s Alibi (local weekly alternative newspaper,, Panda-Robot is reviewed, and in this review, images of my art make an appearance.  The printed version displays my glow in the dark Munny “Skull Drip”, attributed to Al Armenta.  I think they got thrown off by my art alias of alarment, but hey, at least they spelled Armenta correct, and some have refered to me as Al.  Could be worse .  It could have said “by Al Arment” 🙂    The online version also has an image of my Dunny “Succumb”, but without any information like title/artist attached to it.  My art and/or name has shown up on web advertisements/announcements for other shows I have participated in, but I believe this is the first time in the printed news media.  Just feeling a little proud…

To see the online article (and images) go to:

alarment Succumb alibi Allan Armenta

alarment Skull Drip Allan Armenta

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