La Tristeza

January 5th, 2012

Right before the end of the year, I got back into a painting mood.  This mood change was prompted by the deadline of an upcoming show.

The show I was working toward is Kickflip at the Rendition Gallery in Fort Collins, CO.  The theme of the show as told by Rendition Gallery “An art exhibit themed on skateboards and shoes. Paintings, drawings, mixed media, and photography will be on display. Lots of hand painted skateboard decks will grace our walls.”

A few years ago I had ordered some blank decks, but the opportunity to work on them had never arisen before.  I stared worked on two decks, and regularly posted work-in-progress shots to my Facebook pages (Allan’s page and’s page) and got lots of positive feedback.  So much so that one of the decks sold before being completed while a third was commission in a similar style by an artist friend.  So I only ended up competing one skateboard deck to be included in the show.  It is titled La Tristeza, and can be seen below.  I will post more images of the other decks when they are done.  Again, my Facebook pages are the best way to follow my progress on uncompleted works.

The show opens Friday, January 6 and runs to January 27.  If you are in the area, stop by and see my deck along with the works of many other talented artists.

alarment La Tristeza 1 allan armenta


alarment La Tristeza 5 allan armenta

Winter Sale…

November 28th, 2011

Just in time for the holidays (and the tail end of Cyber Monday, ha) I am having a sale at my online store!

Just use the code: allan20

at the checkout page to receive 20% off any and all items in my store.  So go ahead and treat yourself to that one piece you have been eyeballing, or surprise a friend with collectable art!


they are making the rounds…

October 21st, 2011

Masked and Infected have hit the blogoshopere.  To see my pieces getting some attention at various toy/art blogs, please see the links below.

Infected and Masked (Store is now live!)

October 12th, 2011

Infected.  What was once a device from a war long forgotten, now serves as a shell to something altogether different. No longer controlled by artificial intelligence, it is now inhabited by a beast of organic origins, whose ultimate purpose is unknown.

Infected is a customized ThreeA WWRp Bertie crafted with acrylic paints and Magic-Sculpt. It stands at approximately 5″ tall.

Masked.  A creature spewing its bile and venom into the world. Its visage so horrible, it wears a gilded mask to hide its true appearance. A creature out of one’s dreams, one of many that pollutes thoughts and corrupts minds.

Masked is a customized Munnyworld Mini Bub crafted with acrylic paints and Magic-Sculpt. It stands at approximately 4.5″ tall.

Infected and Masked (along with other pieces) are now available from my online store:

For more images, visit my Online Gallery

alarment Infected Masked Allan Armenta

It’s ALIVE!!!

October 8th, 2011

Quick update, Have a couple of pieces (The Seeker and The Becoming, which can be seen in earlier posts) in the It’s ALIVE!!! group shop at The Rendition Gallery, in Fort Collins, CO.  The show just opened yesterday and features many a spooky artwork by some very talented artists.  If you get a chance and are in the neighborhood, please stop by.  The show runs from October 7th to November 2nd.

For more information, see the links below…

Rendition Gallery

Facebook Event Page

Catching up…

September 7th, 2011

Really fallen behind with updating over here.  The following three pieces (The Becoming, Chompie, and Pained) appeared in the Tiny Terrors group show at Cellar Door Gifts & Gallery (   Chompie and Pained are still available at the gallery with a few of my other works.   The Becoming will be available in my online store soon (  The Gremlin and Skully were done for the Kidrobot Forums dunny trade and the Custom Toy Union Forums dunny trade.   In the works I have a custom Munnyworld Mini Bub, a ThreeA WWRp Bertie, a couple Mini Munnys, and working on a series of six 3″ dunnys.  Stay tuned…


The Becoming – 4.5″ H x 4.5″ W x 2.5″ D, crafted with acrylic paints, wood, and Magic-Sculpt.

alarment The Becoming Allan Armenta

alarment The Becoming Allan Armenta

alarment The Becoming Allan Armenta


Chompie – 2.5″ Qee

alarment Chompie Allan Armenta


Pained – 3″ Dunny

alarment Pained Allan Armenta


Gremlin- 3″ Dunny

alarment Gremlin Allan Armenta


Skully- 3″ Dunny

alarment Skully Allan Armenta

The Seeker…

April 30th, 2011

Here is my newest custom, named The Seeker, which is my submission to the Munnyworld Megacontest. What was once a Raffy, this creature is a continuation of my series of ‘shadow people’, that come from my dreamland/nightmare world. Some times cute, but many times more on the strange and scary side, they inhabit my subconsciousness. To see and/or vote for him visit:
Munnyworld Megacontest
It is currently on the second page, but as more entries come in, it will move back. Also, check out all of the other awesome vinyl artists and their submissions. There are many talented people who have participated in this.
Hope you enjoy 🙂

alarment the seeker allan armenta 1

alarment the seeker allan armenta 2

Big Update…

April 26th, 2011

Ok, made lots of progress on the alarment site.  Not everything in complete (like image names) but at least I have the majority of my documented works online.  To view them, go to the ART GALLERY on the right or use the following link.


Lots more cool stuff to follow, like an online store!

Panda-Robot Alibi review

December 1st, 2010

Some of my art (a painting, two dreamscapes, and some custom vinyl toys) are currently on display and are for sale at the store/gallery Panda-Robot here in Albuquerque.  In this week’s Alibi (local weekly alternative newspaper,, Panda-Robot is reviewed, and in this review, images of my art make an appearance.  The printed version displays my glow in the dark Munny “Skull Drip”, attributed to Al Armenta.  I think they got thrown off by my art alias of alarment, but hey, at least they spelled Armenta correct, and some have refered to me as Al.  Could be worse .  It could have said “by Al Arment” 🙂    The online version also has an image of my Dunny “Succumb”, but without any information like title/artist attached to it.  My art and/or name has shown up on web advertisements/announcements for other shows I have participated in, but I believe this is the first time in the printed news media.  Just feeling a little proud…

To see the online article (and images) go to:

alarment Succumb alibi Allan Armenta

alarment Skull Drip Allan Armenta

Season’s Greetings…

November 23rd, 2010

Another holiday, another new piece of art.  Previously, I posted a work in progress picture of a custom Mighty Mugg I was working on for the Cellar Door Gifts & Gallery.  Well the piece is complete and was accepted into their juried show “Unhappy Holidays”.  The exhibit opening will be taking place Friday, December 10 7:00pm – 9:00pm.  If you have a chance, you should check out the show, along with all of the other cool pieces and dark items for sale (I just went by today to make my drop off, and have to say the store is pretty cool).

So here he is,  Edward the Undead Elf…

alarment Edward Undead Elf Allan Armenta

For more pics of him, see my Art Gallery, under the Vinyl / Toys / Misc. category.

For more info on the show, visit:

Exhibit Opening Facebook page: Link

Cellar Door Gifts & Gallery (