House cleaning and Fathers Day Sale…

So behind in updates, so lets get to it…

First off, in honor of the upcoming Father’s Day I wanted to offer a discount.  Being a father and a collector of art and toys, I can feel for the plight of other fathers who also collect.  To help their (or their loved ones’ burden) I am offering a 15% discount in my store ( by using the discount code ‘fathersday’ for the rest of the month.  If you are looking for that one of a kind gift for that dad of yours, look no further.  Or if you want to treat yourself (being a parent or not), know that you will helping this father out by buying some of my stuff so I can buy more toys!

Now for the updates…

I was recently nominated in Clutter Magazine‘s Designer Toy Awards for Best Customizer.  It is a great honor to be nominated among so many other very talented artists in this genre.

alarment clutter magazine designer toy awards best customizer

I also participated in Kidrobot‘s MunnyMunth contest, with my entry being “Rockwell”  (available at

Rockwell alarment mini munny

I  recently completed “Speechless”, a glow in the dark Mini Munny (available at

Glow in the Dark Mini Munny alarment

I was also asked to be part of a Hellraiser themed custom Kidrobot mascot series, entitled “Cenobots”.  For this series, I created “Murmur” and “Eyesore”.  The whole series was purchased by one buyer!

Cenobots alarment Murmur Eyesore Kidrobot mascots

Cenobot custom Kidrobot mascot series poster alarment

Cenobot custom Kidrobot mascot series group photo alarment

I participated in the Project QiQi custom toy exhibit for ToyCon UK, which took place in London, UK.  My entry’s name was “Vacancy”.

Vacancy alarment custom QiQi

Project QiQi ToyCon 2013 poster alarment

Project QiQi ToyCon 2013 poster2 alarment

I also donated an acrylic painting named “III” to the Center For Visual Arts in Greensboro, NC for their 100 for 100 fundraising show.

III skull alarment acrylic painting

And finally, I donated these custom vinyl pieces “BW” and “Goldie” to the Art for a Cure cause, which appeared in the POP Start Smart show at the Marte museum in Cava dei Tirreni, Caserta, Italy.

BW and Goldie alarment Mighty Mugg Qee


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  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! Great to see all of these updates, keep up the awesome work!