So it is almost Halloween, and this year I was given the task a few weeks ago of painting some blank masks by my mother-in-law for her team to wear at work.  I was given no real direction other than make them look “scary” and keep it simple (since she knows how involved I can get).  Well, things of the macabre nature is right up my alley, so I said yes.  But I also knew that in regards to how I normally work (I can never keep it simple), it was going to be cutting it close to get them completed in time.  So I decided to limit my palette to just black paint and also not to sketch any thing out, but rather just start applying the paint to the masks and see what happens.  The following six masks are what I came up with, enjoy…

alarment Masks Allan Armenta

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  1. Amanda says:

    Love them buddy. Thanks for sharing your process and thanks for sharing your talent with our family:) PC and her crew are gonna look sick!

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